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I Can鈥檛 Sleep, Mommy! | Afraid of the Dark Song + More Nursery Rhymes for kids | Miliki Family

5 Views 08/21/23
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Miliki Jr. is afraid of the dark and the monsters that may lurk in it. Luckily, Mom is there to help him overcome his fear just in time for bed!
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馃懚 Miliki Jr. is a very intelligent and curious baby. He is 6 months old and his house is practically his entire world, but that does not prevent him from exploring everything around him with the curiosity of someone who knows things for the first time.
馃懘 That Miliki Jr. is so awake is no accident. In fact, his grandfather Miliki is the same. Guide, companion and accomplice in the adventures of Miliki Jr., Miliki always helps her grandson discover new things by giving a touch of fantasy and imagination to any situation, even the most everyday ones.
馃應 The Miliki family is not very conventional either: for them, the main way to learn is by singing. All the songs in the world are known, and they even invent some of their own to teach Miliki Jr. things, to arouse his curiosity and stimulate his imagination. 馃幍 Between bars, the little one learns about colors, numbers, brushing their teeth ... Although they also sing just to have fun!

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